Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?

In terms of local people_s



, museums and historical places have always paled in comparison with other recreational centres.


essay will present some reasons why


has occurred and put forward some solutions to resurrect the interest of local

people in visiting

people visiting

these places.
The small and dwindling number of local visitors to museums can


be attributable to the low frequency with which activities are held.

In other words

, the renewals of existing exhibits or the organization of new programs and events are few and far between. For


reason, little interest is aroused in those who had once been to the museum or places of historical significance.


, museums and historical sites do not come cheap. In fact, to get admission to these places, visitors are often required to pay a substantial amount of money, which can be worth a day_s salary.
In order to drum up more interest of local people in coming to museums, a number of ways can be employed. What can be done


of all is to organise activities which incorporate art performances with appropriate content.


not only encourages the attendance of local

people but

Accept comma addition
people, but


represents a great opportunity to educate them about the history of their places of origin.

In addition

, the authorities can


lower the admission fee or offer discounts to local inhabitants.
To conclude, many reasons can be given as to why local people lose their enthusiasm for museums and places of historical importance.


, the revival of these places is within our grasp should proper actions be taken.

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