Many people believe that university students should study a full range of subjects, instead of some specific subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this viewpoint?


education is considered of higher value and eventually aids in building career. Many people opine that students studying in universities should learn many subjects while others believe that


pupil should only study particular subjects.


essay will highlight why teaching few subjects are beneficial for


going students.

To begin

with, tutoring only specific subject aids in excelling that particular field. As more


and concentration will be allocated to


topics that will eventually make pupil to master the course. To cite an example, after introducing the rules to teach only discrete subjects in


level, the overall result of students was outstanding as compared to previous years as stated by the education ministry of Nepal. So, studying certain discipline helps to obtain outshining outcomes that ultimately are essential for the future.


, individuals will have more spare


if only needed to read precise subjects. Most people could not participate in any other activities because they devote almost all


to cover various courses to achieve a desirable score in exams. Introducing specified subjects will provide a leisure period for the people so that they are feasible for various events.

For instance

, a


in Australia, that only tutors precise subjects, stated that students have incorporated more in recreational ventures recently as compared to past due to free session they acquire after academic classes. To sum up, learning a distinct subject is said to be significant as


management for both academic and other activities is well balanced.
In conclusion, I opine that governments should implement laws to teach specific subjects in


that will aid students to attend that course and


cater them leisure


to perform other diversion.

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