Many people decide on career path early in their lives and keep to it. This, they argue, leads to a more satisfying working life. To what extent do you agree with this view? What other things can people do in order to have a satisfying working life?

Most individuals opt their profession at an early stage of life and stick to that till the end. It is believed that


is the key towards a satisfying work life. I agree to the given statement,

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are other ways that can encourage people to have satisfaction in their professional activity.
It has been observed that these days people make decisions about their career in a prior stage in life in regard with their interest and hold on to that. The fact is that it is evident from statistics that individuals that choose their hobbies or interests as professions are more productive and satisfied with their work and professional lives.
Another perspective to pond on


matter is that people are more ambitious and clear about their future paths as they follow what they are looking for in their later lives.


can be exemplified by stating about a person who love to take photos and later want to pursue it as his career. It is obvious that he will be more enthusiastic in completing his tasks

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show more productivity, which will eventually lead towards a more satisfied work experience.

On the other hand



can cause happiness and might be the source of mental peace for that individual that will result in his excellent performance at the workplace.
In conclusion, my opinion states that it can be witnessed that people who choose their professional paths at an early young stage of their heart are living more pleasing growth.

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