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The maps illustrate modifications in Youngsville in New Zealand over a 25 years period.

We can see that the new design proposal involves making a number of developments in the town. Namely in the airport, River Alanah and railway


. There is no change in old buildings


as hospital, school and The main rail



The most noticeable change is from the north of the map near the park, an enormous stadium was built


to the railway by destroying the old houses and including 2 big parking spots.


, they provided other sports facilities to the park near the hospital,


, most of the trees has vanished. By cutting down all the trees near school, they managed to create 2 industrial factories and a warehouse


, In airport area, by logging the trees, other huge manufactures were constructed.


developments were beside the rail


, in the south, fascinating skyscrapers were built by removing the old villas and


to the Alanah river, two regular warehouses were designed for storing the special equipment for manufactures,

in addition

, There has been a Marina structure was built near the main railway



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