Many retired people today are choosing to live in other countries. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this?

There is an elevating trend in elderly folk choosing to live in other countries after their retirement. In my opinion,


approach may have several advantages but


have multifarious disadvantages. The forthcoming paragraphs will elucidate both pros and cons of the above statement.

To begin

with, the basic advantage of moving to a foreign land is life away from the burden and family responsibilities and lead a peaceful existence


. They look to focus on themselves after spending years serving others in their personal and professional lives.

In addition

, most immigrants look to attain the ultimate purpose of their life by serving society in developing or poorer nations.

For instance

, Many Chief officers of big companies after their retirement enrol themselves with NGOs and schools to share the rich knowledge and experience they have acquired over the years. It is a way, they believe in giving back to mother earth and strengthening future generations.

On the contrary

, the biggest disadvantage these foreigners have is related to the health risk at their fragile age. It becomes difficult to handle


situations without the support of family and they have to face the unfortunate situations all alone leaving them more depressed and ailing.


, some crowd of the host nations do not like interference by an external entity in their company.

For example

, some cases have already been reported across nations where the host public has retorted to physical harm and thrown foreign people out of their homes as they do not like somebody peeping into their culture and disturbing the harmony.

In conclusion, bearing in mind the above information and deliberating all facts, it can be deduced that


migrating to a different nation to live their life peacefully sounds fantastic;


, as new immigrants, we ought to analyse the obstacle as we might be dwelling alone.

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