Many scientific institutes conduct research on live animals. Some people regard it as cruel and unnecessary while others believe it is justified in the interest of human welfare. Discuss the two views and give your reasons. Give reason for your answer.

Usage of fauna for scientific purposes has always sparked a debate.Most laboratories are using fauna for research.In the present context, a set of individuals believe that it is a brutal way of using beasts ,whereas, others are inclined to the view that it is necessary.


essay would discuss the motive behind these opinions.

On one hand, there are two main reasons for people considering


act as cruel.


, they feel taking away creatures from their natural habitat and keeping them in a closed environment is like imprisonment for them.


, the reactions of the experiments may even cause death to them.

For example

, most of the research is being conducted on living rats and it is observed that about 50% of these animals are not able to survive for long years after the experiments.


needs a lot of concern.

On the other hand

, others argue that even from a very early age,animals had always been used by humans to lessen their burden and they say that


is natural.


, they


opine that losing individuals for research is worse than killing an animal.

For instance

, vaccines cannot be directly tested on the public as they may give detrimental effects on their bodies.


, it is necessary to use those living beings for scientific examinations.

To conclude, using creatures for laboratory testing has two opposite arguments. some people think that living animals are a part of diversity and should be protected while others argue that it is justified to save human life.Even though it is necessary to use these creatures to protect humans from dangerous reactions of the laboratories, I am more inclined towards the former view as I feel it is stronger than the latter.

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