Many university graduates cannot find job in their chosen profession. what factors may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, should be done about it?

When young people are choosing what subject to study at university, most of them hope they will find a great


upon graduation. In reality, many fresh degree holders fail to find work in their field and some are even forced to take up below graduate jobs. In my opinion, the of


problem lies in the outdated higher education system that should be modernised.

The traditional university system does not prepare students for their



for a number of reasons. One of them is that many courses offered are too theoretical.


means highly educated fresh graduates lack simple skills for the



for example

, the knowledge of IT software, leading to more


opportunities for freshmen. Employers,


, prefer candidates with hands-on experience. Another reason is that educational institutions offer too many courses in popular fields,


as business and law, and do not recruit enough candidates for engineering or science programmes.


has resulted in an oversupply of law graduates and a deficit of engineers in the UK labour market.

Reform of higher education could alleviate many of the problems but would require joint efforts from universities and the government. If universities worked along with employers, they could teach graduates practical skills for their seamless transition from university to the workforce. There is a dire shortage of mental health professionals,

for example

, psychologists and nurses which means programmes at institutes should enrol more students in these areas.


will lead to employment and fewer vacancies in health. Meanwhile, the government could develop guidelines on how many students universities should recruit in each subject in accordance with the market demand.

In conclusion, a likely reason why degree holders cannot find employment in their field is that higher education might not have provided them with the right skill-set or an in-demand profession. I think that higher educational institutes and the government could improve the situation by updating the content of the programmes offered and limiting the intake in each subject in line with the current market demand.

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