Money should be spent on creating new buildings rather than renovating the existing ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, modern building gives more emphasis than an old building. Some people believe budget spending on new construction of building is more effective than renovating the older building.


essay disagrees with the statement because the old ancient building is our wealth which give identification of our country and culture.
On the one hand, some people assume country should confer budget to build the new building and apartment rather than renovating old ones.


might be because people have become more advanced so they want to have everything in a modern way.

For instance

, a recent study had concluded that 90% people are influenced by modern lifestyle and prefer to have built with new craft and designs.


, they might believe if wealth were spent for new building, there will assist in the development of modern design.


, other people disagree with


statement. They might think the renovation will save capital as well as protect ancient art and norms.

For example

, even though government renovate the old temples and historical monument, it will cost less than those with new building.


, it will protect our ancient historical art and sculptures, which are priceless in


modern life. That_s why, people are not gratified to spend money on new construction of buildings.
To sum up, in my opinion of the budget should be utilised on renovating old buildings like a temple, museum and so on rather than spending wage on new buildings. It_s crucial as it_s saved wealth as well as nation culture and art.

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