More and more people are working from home rather than at the workforce. Some people say this will bring benefits to the workers and their families, but others think it will bring stress to the home. Dis cuss both views and give your own opinion.

Dear Andreza,

How are you? I hope


letter finds you well. I am writing with regards to your question about advice for your


camping holiday



In the


place, I believe that taking part in an experience camping will provide amazing contact with nature,it will be an opportunity to do different sports activities and make new friends.



experience would help you to gain more confidence and independence. The reason it is because there, you will need to prepare your own food e and organize your stuff.


, you will have contact with different people from different countries, so it will be a chance to learn about a new culture.

Currently, I am really busy and worried about the IELTS English test.


, if I could, I would love to go with you and take part in


enjoyable time.

I hope my advice will help you to make a decision.I am missing you and wish to see you soon.


Alessandra Campos

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