More and more people no longer read the newspaper or watch TV programs to get news. They get news about the world through the internet. Is this a positive or negative development?

With the globalization of the


and social media in the


decades, multiple ways have been created to obtain the latest headlines.


the old-fashion ways to get information,


as newspaper and TV broadcasts, remain, the public prefers to stay updated through online services.


essay will explore why getting new reports on the


is better than the other methods.

Undoubtedly because of convenient accessibility during the day, online services are the best way to get the latest news. There are a lot of websites and applications that provide diverse information.

For instance

, when getting informed instantly by social networks and statement apps is possible, there is no need to wait for tv programs at certain hours or read the archaic detail in the newspaper.

In addition

, choosing a preferable title to read or watch can save time and money during the day.

Notwithstanding the above salient reasons, the best intention to use the


correlates to its environment friendly. To print newspapers must cut numerous trees.


, most of these papers do not recycle properly.


, using the


without consuming any trees is much more rational and helps preserve nature. To distribute the newspaper, most use transportation daily, increasing air pollution and global warming. Overall, regard has resulted in significant savings in time and conservation of environmental resources.

To conclude, the


has many advantages to adopting news rather than the old method.


, it helps save money and uses renewable-resource to preserve the environment. The advancement of technology every day has contributed significantly to the convenience of humans.

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