Nowadays, children have high influence of social media on friends on their lives. Whereas, some people believe that they have higher influence of their parents. Discuss both points and give your opinion.

In recent years, social networking sites are increasing in popularity around the globe. Some people claim that offspring have a higher impact on social news on acquaintances in their lives. While others believe that


are the most influential individuals in the entire life of an heir. From my point of view, I think that




are individuals who have a higher influence on modern


at the present time.

There are various reasons why people believe that scions attempt to follow friends_ personal lives on social networking sites in the era of cutting-edge technologies.


, it is often said that teenagers_ mentality, thoughts and ideas are the same as friends on social radio.

For example

, there is a famous and well-known social publishing which is called “Tik-Tok”.

In addition



kind of social publishing is used daily by the majority of teenagers to show their own abilities or talents


as dancing or singing, playing musical instruments.


, more and more scion tried to change their mentality and views,


it is mostly affected by their views and opinions as well as lifestyle.

In spite of these arguments, I strongly support the idea of teenagers have a higher impact on their mothers and fathers. it is a fact that


are a key role in the whole life of heir because fathers and mothers of scion can help and inspire


in harsh moments, and


most children always try their best for the smile or happiness of



For example

, there are so many celebrities around the world who always respect and appreciate their own


when they have achieved their own goals. Even though Nobel prize winners say appreciation speeches to


on the stage.

In conclusion, modern


should be influenced by friends on social networking sites due to those acquaintances_ accomplishments and achievements might have been goals for children trying to achieve.


, close family members are ideal people who are always ready to help and support them in their entire life.

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