Nowadays many people choose ready-made food and refuse to cook at home. Why do you think it happens? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice?

It is a very popular practice in modern society to order ready-made food from restaurants, rather than cooking at home. The main reasons for such a tendency may be cheap prices in some restaurants and peopleā€™s desire to save some timeĀ from cooking. Even though ordering foodĀ hasĀ some obvious advantages, its disadvantages should not be underestimated.

On the one hand, ordering prepared food may be the best choice for a busy person, who does not have time for cooking and cleaning. Cooking food at home requires a considerable amount of time, moreover, the cleaning process may take even more time and resources than cooking itself. For example, cooking a simple dish such as chicken with riceĀ andĀ home requires significant amounts of water and electricity for electrical appliances such as the oven and dishwasher. Hence, having an opportunity to order food from a restaurant will save a lot of time, electricity, and water.

On the other hand, delegating the process of cooking to some restaurantĀ haveĀ a dramatic disadvantage of not having the information about the ingredients used in the meals. With high demand, grow the volumes of required products, which sometimes can affect the quality of purchased products. For example, it is a very common practice in some restaurants to make salads from products that are about to go bad and mask the rotten scent by adding some chemicals and spices. Hence, some restaurants may use poor quality products or chemicals for boosting taste and preservatives, which may have a negative effect on the customerā€™s health in the long run.

In conclusion, ordering food from restaurants may be a tempting choice for people who have no time for cooking at home, but this approach has a critical disadvantage of being not informed about the ingredients used in the meal, which can have destructive consequences.


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