Nowadays many people choose ready-made food and refuse to cook at home. Why do you think it happens? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such choice?

In today_s modern world prepared meal is chosen by the majority of people and they would rather not to cook at home. In my opinion, it occurs because of our busy way of life. Ordering a ready-made meal may reduce the period to prepare the meal for ourselves.




type of meal may not be nutritious and it can be fast


, which is harmful for our health.


and foremost, people desire to save some by not having to cook. Increasingly, our life has become more and more engaged due to the fact that overwork.


, we don_t want to spend our moment in order to make some meal. Without doubt, it will be quite beneficial for our work and


we will have some term from ordering a ready-made meal.

For example

, people use


saved point to carry out new projects or they can do things which they cannot do at work. As to why, prepared meals can be advantageous for the work of people.

On the other hand

, most of prepared meals are convenience feed, that has not many of the vitamins essential to health.

For instance

, people order prepared



as: hamburger, hot dog, as well as pizza and Mexican tacos and so on. As I know, these meals considered to be fast




they are known to be high in cholesterol, which can be a contributory factor in heart disease.

That is

why, we have to try to prepare meals ourselves and it must be nourishing




but not least, ordering repast from restaurants may be extremely useful for a busy person who has no for cooking, but, as I have above mentioned that we pay attention that it has cons, which is harmless for our health.

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