Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

In recent days, more and more


are claiming that they have sleeping problems as they can not fall asleep easily.

As a result

, lack of sleep can be considered for two reasons and


essay will give some advice on these matters.

The cause of lack of sleep could consider both mental and physical problems.




who did not have enough sleep might lose their concentration on work or study. They will find that their brain can not function properly which can cause several mistakes or injuries at work or school.


, it is undeniable that our body will feel tired if it does not have a proper rest. When physical strength is down that could cause terrible accidents


as car drivers or sporters.

There are some solutions that could reduce the impact of sleeping problems. It is important to seek medical treatment, if


have difficulty falling asleep they should always check with the doctor


. Sometimes, it can easily cure if we have taken the proper medicines.

In addition

, some


fund that practising soft exercise could help to reduce the tiredness of muscle that helps


sleep well. Many researchers found that Yoga could help to reduce the pressure and reduce the nerves, which is a good way to help


to relax.

In conclusion, as humans, our body needs time to recover during our sleeping time.


more and more


found it difficult to sleep well, it is believed that seeking help from a medical expert and practising Yoga might reduce



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