Nowadays many people have access to computers and a large number of children enjoy playing video games. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games for children?

It is true that allowing adolescents to play computers game is a controversial topic for many years. While I accept that these entertaining applications sometimes can have positive effects on youngsters, I believe that they are likely to have harmful impacts.

There are several reasons why playing online games has considerable advantages to the development of students.


, playing allows teenagers


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opportunities to expand their relationships effectively.

For example

, there are various genres that require players versus players mode, which demands communications between gamers,


these individuals could start a new connection or strengthen relationships effortlessly. In long-term benefits, these virtual friends are able to support these juniors in several areas regardless


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their distances.


, there is an enormous number of games that highly demands the intelligence of users or enhance sociable skills, results in general knowledge enlargement of these children. As a consequence, not only these teenagers are entertained but


they can acquire practical abilities, which might be integrated

in to

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future development.

Despite the above arguments, I believe that permitting offspring to participate in virtual games excessively will bring detrimental effects to these juveniles and their relatives.

To begin

with, spending a large amount

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time for enrolling online matches may discourage the learning motivations of these students. To be more specific, pay attention to a game continuously will consume significant energy of these individuals,


they are expected to be exhausted and lose concentration when


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to class, which could lead to the considerable degradation in academic performance.


, frequently


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to violent contents could influence children to imitate harmful and unrestricted activities.

For instance

, there are various games that


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weapons or murder scenes, which may attract juveniles since they are unable to distinguish legal and illegal.

As a result

, youngsters tend to adopt dangerous habits that could pose substantial harm to themselves and


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In conclusion, playing games through technology devices could bring long-term benefits to children but the potential drawbacks of participating excessively are able to pose negative consequences for players and their relatives.

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