Nowadays more and more people want to get things done instantly. Why is it? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

People are always looking for ways to do their tasks as fast as possible, as


saves them so much


and effort. I believe that


has serious and grave impacts on our efficiency and productivity.

We are constantly bombarded with many tasks in our daily lives.


is because of the ever-rising pressure from professional life, and the increasing stress in our jobs.




has pushed people to look for alternatives to get things done quickly.

For example

, many software applications have been developed to finish routine office work or cell phone applications to order food with a click of a button, and an application to do all the online shopping. As a consequence, these methods have greatly helped in saving


that is

wasted in doing these monotonous steps with less effort.


, in my opinion,


has negative consequences. The main reason is that when people focus on finishing many tasks as quickly as possible, they may not care about the quality of their performance, and there will be so many flaws regarding their work.


, many individuals may get stressed out, as they will try to do so many things at the same


, trying to meet deadlines, affecting their productivity,

as a result


In conclusion, in


day and age, people are constantly looking for instant and on-the-spot methods to finish their tasks because it can be a


and effort saver. In my perspective,


is a negative development because it affects the quality of people_s work as well as placing them under extreme stress and pressure to do their jobs.

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