One of the best solutions to the growing environmental pollution is to increase the fuel prices. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Hiking petroleum prices are considered to be the most suitable remedial measure for growing environmental


. I disagree with


statement and consider that


, an increase in the asking petroleum prices may have some impact on environmental


, other solutions like zero emission vehicles and encouraging public transportation are of vital importance.

It seems reasonable to think that an increase in the fuel price will presumably cut down the atmospheric


which is increasing by leaps and bounds. As the fuel prices will rise, it will discourage people from using their personal vehicles.


, lesser cars on the roads will decrease their harmful gaseous emissions, which are deemed to be one of the main reasons for the environmental


. Certainly,


solution would help in reducing the air

pollution but

Accept comma addition
pollution, but

it is limited because it will make all transport expensive including the public transports.


, the increased transportation charges will make the prices of other commodities go up and result in inflation.

As a result

, the money saved through increasing the petroleum prices would be consumed, many times over, in giving rebates.

One of the most effective remedy in combating the atmospheric


would be to introduce electric cars that have zero emissions. Since these cars run on electricity rather than consuming fossil fuels, they do not emit toxic fumes or smoke particles that result in air



For example

, Tesla car is an electric vehicle

that is

much popular in the developed world.


will not only bring instant results, but would


prove to be a more durable solution. There is,


, a need that governments in the developing countries should encourage these industries by giving subsidies and tax relaxations.

Another important measure to the growing atmospheric


is to make public transport more viable. By making these facilities more attractive and user friendly, the public can be prevented from using their own vehicles.


will indirectly lower the number of vehicles on the roads that would result in the lesser smoke and harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.


, constructing projects like underground trams and cross city electric rails will


help in combating the air


in the long run.

In conclusion, I believe that an increase in the petrol price is a limited solution to the growing environmental




problem can be addressed more efficiently by increasing the use of the electric cars and by promoting the public transport.

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