ONE PROBLEM FACED BY ALMOST EVERY LARGE CITY IS TRAFFIC CONGESTION. What do you think the causes are? What solutions can you suggest?

Comfortable road movements used to be the dream of many people, but today it is a standard part of our reality.


, major cities that serve as our hosts experience a greater amount of gridlock. I believe


problem can be blamed for the existence of many car owners in those areas, and I am of the opinion that solving


issue would require the attention of the government.

Large city_s house many vehicle owners. On a daily basis, these people want to commute comfortably without having to wait long hours at bus stations. With all those speed vehicles zipping on a high speed through the motorways, a stop at any point would amount to nothing but a cluster of vehicles. Lagos State, Nigeria,

for example

, is one of those suffering in


regard. Travelling from one suburb to another might take up to three long hours – an unusual amount of time to spend on in-town movements.


is a clear picture of how some cities suffer congestion.



problem would require an interplay between regulations and technology. Political leaders might need to consider introducing alternative means of transportation as well as employing experts, who use compass to monitor and direct road traffic.


will not only discourage people from their over dependence on the motorways, but


usher in a new dimension in the ways that people move around.

For instance

, China is constructing a high-speed train system to help move people to their destinations as well as sway their eyes from car usage.

In conclusion, I think the congestion experienced in numerous major cities is

as a result

of many car owners. If there is a reciprocal relationship between the use of technology and government policies, road traffic problems would be a thing in the history.

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