Opinion divide concerning what plays a more important role in people_s personality development, nature or nurture. What is your opinion?

Certainly, nowadays individuals give huge importance to a person personality, because of which people argue, whether nature is a predominant factor in determining the overall development of a human being or it is nurture. Both of these factors play an equal role in the development of an individual.

To commence with, nature is obtained from the ancestors,

for instance

, in a family if everyone is of a cool mind,


there are high chances that the offsprings would


possess the same, which can be a plus point in developing relations in society, but if the trades of the procreators are of not a good mentality,


their wards have to pay for it, as they to face difficulties while making up friends in a school or a society.


, nurture is something which an individual pick from their friend circle or the people they are hanging out with, in most of the case, if a person is of an open-minded mentality, and can even express their feelings to others without any hesitation are at a higher chance of getting expected by the society.

In addition



, humans with the calibre of mixing themselves in a community, coupled with, inclination towards, learning of different cultures are the most successful character in the world.

To conclude, nature and nurture are both important in the overall development of a person personality, as we are attracted towards the individuals who have the same personality trades as we have, to add on, individuals should be fine with learning about new traditions.

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