People are surrounded by advertising which has an increasing effect on our lives . Do you think the positive effects of this outweigh negative effects?

These days and ages, advertisements could be found on TV, phones and billboards having an increasing sway on people_s way of life in both a positive and negative way. Some say the good outweighs the bad I disagree completely with the said notion.

A positive aspect is, advertisement provides a route for manufacturers to consumers. Ads present a new product that will in other ways not be seen by consumers increasing sales


increasing income for manufacturers and vitalizing the economy.

For example

, a billboard on the highway presenting a Pizza Hut at the


exit will increase its sales and profit.

On the other hand

, the constant flood of advertisements can result in excessive waste of money.

in other words

, sometimes crowd overshop and buy items they fully don_t need


, some get addicted to shopping.

For example

, the shopping channel works 24/7 with a daily spike in sales during the night as patrons are thinking less clearly.


, some ads are specifically targeted at kids. When an advert is aimed at kids they are weaponising them using them to make their loving parents purchase the item for them or to take them to the shop or restaurant . To illustrate, MacDonlowd_s (McDonald_s) makes targeted ads for kids


making the entire family (family) patrons.

To summarize,


advertising improves the economy and benefits shops and manufacturers, I believe the tendency of people to spend and the specific marketing are being used maliciously (maliciously)


should be stopped or monitored.

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