People in community now could buy cheaper consumer goods. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In the current contemporary era, commodities with affordable prices are now being sold widely. Albeit reducing price ranges creates some detrimental influences, the benefits still overshadow as low-priced merchandises bring about competitiveness between retailers and increase the general revenue.

To be more specific, human_s instinct is to seek betterment so it is obvious that consumers tend to opt for higher quality items with lower prices, leading to pressure on businesses and retailers.


results in that they are forced to always stay competitive and innovate their products with new technology as

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the only way to stand steadily in the market.


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meet the demand of the whole public, bridging the gap between inhabitants of distinctive social levels, helping families with average and low-income save money on common goods. To give a clear insight, it is clear that if commodities are affordable to all the wealthy and the poor, the number of commodities consumed will increase dramatically, leading to the development of the whole national economy.


, it is evident that excessively low-cost ranges could


result in national inflation but


issue can be curbed via governmental regulations. Government should publish laws and rules about stabilizing market prices so that the values of consumer goods can stay persistent without dropping or rising unpredictably.

In conclusion, it is my firm conviction that


low-priced merchandise does cause a problem regarding the economy, the array of financial benefits that they bring about definitely overshadows the disadvantageous impacts.

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