People say that a child_s success is dependent on the way parents bring them up. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

It has argued that a significant number of individuals that children_s success story is best possible through their parent_s way of taking care.


, parents are the greatest helping hand for a child to show the right directions on a timely basis, I am of the opinion that other people like, friends are equally important in bringing the kids_ achievements.

The environment influences the person to do its daily activities, a surrounding circle has a lead role to play in a person_s mind and that can be easily related to his success. In the case, the students spent their most time in schools with their friends, and they guide them whenever is the need and



For instance

, European kids are more involved in soccer and they dominate all over the world in that and Asian kids in cricket,


, I believe that good friend circle is more important to have victory in



On the other hand

, parents are those, who know their kids from day one and the ways how to guide them on time for the successful outcome. Pupils at an early stage of


are unaware of their right or wrong things and parents are the


, who can guide them from the initial stages of their career, which will have an impact on them for the lifetime. Therefor, it is vital to have good communication between parents and their kids, which can shape their career paths to have a better outcome in the future.

In conclusion, while, parents play a necessary role in guiding their children to have success in


from the initial stages of career, it is


, important for a child to have a good friend circle, which will help him in achieving good future at different intervals in



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