Research shows that global warming is caused by human activity. What are the possible effects of climate change and what can government and individual do to reduce this?

Over the past few decades, the exhaustion of natural resources has greatly disturbed the environment. Analysts have found that humans are responsible for the climate crisis and has created a host of environmental problems.


essay will present the effects of


problem and ways to curtail


pressing issue.

To begin

with the effects, global warming has adverse consequences on the surrounding. One of the prominent effect is extreme weather, the average temperature of the earth has changed over the past few years. The hot places have become hotter and vice versa.

For instance

, it was recorded in 2016 that the temperature of Sahara desert has risen to 1.75 degrees. Another disastrous impact of global warming is glacier retreat. The glaciers are melting due to which the levels of sea are rising.


is considered to be the prime reason of frequent floods and Tsunamis.

For instance

, mountain range of Mount Everest is melting, which rate is expected rise in the future.


, these are the major effects of global climate change.

Global warming has catastrophic consequences, and it is crucial for the higher authorities and local communities to minimize the problems caused by it.


, the government should ban the consumption of fossil fuels and encourage the use of renewable sources. Like solar power could be used as it emits no carbon, which is environment-friendly.


, forests should not be destroyed for the purpose of construction and residential expansion. In


regard, local people can be useful,


as planting trees in their neighbourhood.


, these ways can significantly help to reduce the issues pertaining to global heating.

To conclude,


essay has outlined some effects and solutions related to climatic change. It is imperative for the government and citizen to collaborate together, in order to prevent


disaster occurrence.

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