Robotics is necessary for future human development.But it has both advantages and disadvantages.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Artificial intelligence and its implementation for the sake human betterment has been the most debatable topic. Robotics, where it has many advantages in human life for its development, has several disadvantages as well.


essay will enlighten both the pros and cons of




and foremost, the advantage of having the influence of robotics in our lives is that it makes our life easier. Robotics are not only limited to the robots, but it is a technology that has become a part of all equipments now.

For example

, Robotics – based vacuum cleaners that can be operated on consumer_s voice command and clean the room to perfection and diligence.


, Robotics is being implemented in the surgical field, thereby facilitating the surgeons in critical procedures and saving their precious time.

For example

, Doctors are using suture machines based on robotics to close the surgical wounds.

Contrary to the above, implementation and adaptation of robotics has several disadvantages.


, the robotics has increased the dependence of humans on these artificially manufactured robots or equipments, resulting in several health conditions like, Obesity.


, it is impossible to have entire control over these robots, so may respond unpredictably.

For example

, recently it was reported that the Robots killed 37 scientists working on them in the lab in China.

On balance, I believe Robotics is beneficial and will play an important role in the development of future, provided there is due diligence and control, to mitigate any risk of damage to humans. It becomes the responsibility of the scientist to explore all possibilities and evaluate all risks, before making it public.

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