Society is based on rules and laws. It could not function if individuals were free to do whatever they wanted to do. To what extent do you agree or not?

Humankind has long lived in social groups, where there is a legal system to sustain and manage


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society effectively. From my perspective, I strongly


that rules and laws are the cornerstones for the civilisation of human beings;


, the community could only develop in the short run.

In essence, laws play a critical role in helping humankind to achieve a safe and sound life. We are per se relying on the legal system to combat substandard things that could ruin the stability of our world.

For example

, criminals are anti-social groups of people attempting to break the laws and invade others’ benefits, which poses a severe threat to the well-being of the community.


, governments often utilise regulations to address crime-related issues, thereby making a better place for citizens.


, most rules and regulations are imposed to facilitate human development in the long term. One typical example of


is the carbon fees that each enterprise must pay in order to protect the environment.


could help raise people’s awareness about how important it is to exploit natural resources sustainably.

As a result

, there would be no externality to the outsiders


as consumers and citizens.

By and large, though freedom is vital to the overall happiness of individuals, it must be legitimate so as to not leave any consequences to the public. Only by doing so could we ensure that our society is a good place to live for generations.

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