Some companies sponsor sport as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think it is good, while others think there are disadvantages Discuss both views and give your opinion

There are conflicting opinions on whether corporations have to utilize sports as one of the advertising alternatives to publicize themselves or not appears to have led to ambivalence in today_s world. From my personal perspective, I am strongly convinced that the role of sports in the advertisement is expedient despite having certain pernicious impacts.


and foremost, every company needs some certain methods to blossom in their field to turn into a large one and, because of that they should select the way which exerts profound influence in the preference of public. The majority of those organizations would rather opt for sports to advertise themselves enormously as sport has to be the most worldwide activity. Through being sponsored for sports events they might reach a myriad of the targeted population, which has advantageous repercussions on the extensive growth of companies. To be more specific, numerous people get to know those companies because of involved in sport,


, they might increase their selling which results in enhancing of incomes.
On the flip side, while some abominable commercials have to be proscribed, they are becoming well-know day by day among young individuals. Thereby, people incline to use harmful products,


as tobacco or energetic drinks, which contain a large amount of detrimental substances. To elaborate, some wine companies sometimes become a sponsor of sports events to boost their incomes, which wine has adverse effects on human health.
By way of conclusion, even though advertisements having crucial priorities in the economic situation of companies,


, it can bring potentially deplorable ramifications for human. I believe that


there might be



negatively impacted to youngsters, promoting revenue via being a supporter of


the sport

is a positive thing.

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