Some countries have implemented mandatory community service programs for young people. In these programs, children aged 16 to 18 do charity work, help old people or work with animals. What are some advantages and disadvantages of this for young people?

In some countries, youngsters are enrolled in compulsory welfare aid projects for a period of time. They may be called on to assist the elderly or perform other duties as part of


service. In


essay, I will outline what I consider to be the main benefits and challenges that are elaborated on in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin

with, in terms of the benefits to young people, there are two clear ones. The


is the personal development that can come from helping others in need.

In other words

, by spending time caring for or visiting members of the community, youngsters will undoubtedly become more compassionate and mature as they form bonds and learn.


the teens have not volunteered, they may still feel a sense of responsibility for performing


work. Another, perhaps less altruistic advantage, is the practical work experience they get. When it comes to applying for jobs in the future, their time in an animal shelter or aged care facility will be of great use to them.

In contrast

, there are some possible drawbacks of



-charity scheme. One is that the youngsters may resent being forced to participate. If they chose to take part, they may find the experience more fulfilling and rewarding. When it is mandatory though, the program may not have the desired impact. A


issue is


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stress that may be induced when teens are put in uncomfortable situations without adequate training or experience. It is perhaps inevitable that they will encounter sick or dying animals if working in community animal shelters,

for instance

, which may have a long-lasting impact on them emotionally.

To conclude,


contributing to the community is a worthwhile goal, making


kind of work compulsory may be counterproductive. For maximum benefits, I feel it would be better if teens volunteered, rather than being forced.

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