Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Specialists suppose that infants need mother tongue at the initial level than the


stage of the beginning. From my perspective, these positive sides outrace the negative aspects.

To begin

with, the language is an essential part to express anything like as their feelings, demands etcetera which is benefits to the nation. The


stage children grow up whatever they are taught. Starting conditions are the most important factors for them wherever they acquire any knowledge.

For example

, when they begin to take knowledge of anything it would be grabbed easily and they do not forget it. As the beginning time is the key factor, they may not forget their mother voice what they learn.

As a result

, it is the best way to share their wants to their country.


, the nation would be given something special from the adolescents who achieve voice from their childhood.


, infants are immatured in their premature stage. For


, taking knowledge of language builds up their motivity.


, it would establish their confidences which they can drive in the valuable sections of their countries.

For instance

, acquiring parent dialect comprehend them to face any difficulties in the near future where they would be self-dependent in their working life. They can


protect their nations from any disasters like as outside attacking of the enemies against their countries.


, they would be the leader of their nations which enables him to protect their state from causing any harm.


, they can


guide their descendants to drive the country in a proper way.

In conclusion, it is perused that there are more merits to achieve mom voice in the starting level at school than the secondary educational institutes where demerits are found rare. So, dialect learning should be implemented at the primary level for the


welfare of the region.

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