Some people are concerned that children spend too much time on computers playing games, chatting and watching videos but all this time is actually good preparation for children, who will have to spend many hours working on computers throughout their education and their working lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people believe that spending most of the time on computers prepare children for future jobs and research works, while others argue it to have the negative impact on them. In my opinion, there should be a limit to its usage as excess of everything is bad.

Using computers for most of the tasks, teenagers get prepared to work for long hours on it, which help them to get ready for their studies and work life, later on.


, they get knowledge by browsing various educational contents available on various sources on computers, which definitely help them in their studies and there are various applications available which encourage them towards exploring and learning.


, using computers have many benefits as discussed above, It can do more harms if over used.


, there are various side effects on the health of children who used it for long hours as it can trigger various problems related to eyesight and posture.


, they are left with no time for physical activities due to over indulgence in online tasks which can make them obese and can cause various other diseases.


, due to the presence of various interesting contents present on computers, students can neglect their studies.


, there are various frauds contents present on it which might prove harmful and can impact kids mentally,

for instance

, various banned applications like Blue whale has proved to be responsible for leading children to suicide.

In conclusion, computer usage for children can prove to be mostly positive if it is supervised properly and done in limit.

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