Some people argue that capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished. Do you agree or disagree?

It is sometimes believed that the death penalty is a cruel decision to make and should be annulled. In my opinion, I agree with


view because putting capital punishment into extinction will not only reduce the rate at which innocent people are being killed regularly especially in lawless nations but will


give law offenders an opportunity to amend their ways a




off, the death penalties have sent a lot of innocent citizens to their early graves.


has been the order of the day especially in the underdeveloped nations where bribery, corruption and injustice are palpable making those who don’t have a say mostly victimized.

For instance

, in 2003 there was a case of


Mr Emeka Okeke an only child of his parents that was killed at his village market in Awka Anambra state believing he was a notorious criminal only to find out a few years after the incident that his paternal uncle was behind the false accusation.


, putting an end to


bizarre punishment will put an end to


killings of faultless individuals.




can possibly be given another chance to live so as to change their ways and become better individuals.

For example

, during the days of Justice Anoliefo in my hometown in Anambra state, he once picked up a case of


client who has been sentenced to die in the year 2001. Not that the crime wasn’t committed by him but he took it up himself to exonerate the criminal after which he was placed under good counsel with resultant positive transformation.


none has been without a crime ranging from misdemeanour and felony but giving


a chance to live again especially when they feel penitent towards what they have done is a thing to give a try.

In conclusion, even though some people are in support of capital punishment, I think that should be annulled because its disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

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