Some people argue that the government should give every unemployed person a mobile phone and should make sure they have access to the Internet. They believe this is the best way of using public money to reduce the problem of unemployment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Several individuals advocate that the authorities should provide cell phones with internet access to the non-working community of


. They believe that it is an effective way of the utilization of the public funds and can reduce the issue pertaining to unemployment. From my standpoint,


essay will justify the reasons for the agreement with the statement along with suitable reasons and instances.

The rapid advancement in the field of technology has witnessed a commendable rise in its usage. In the current era, all aspects of life are just a button click away. The immense use of mobile phones has made individual living easier and more convenient. There are innumerable incentives that


phenomenon offers to the


. These data-powered tools have made a massive impact on the lives of the nation. The communication devices help develop connections, send important documents and consult various organizations. The individuals can form new contacts or bonds, mail or exchange essential data with one another and connect with the desired corporation via audio-visual meetings. To illustrate clearly,


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audio/video calling application Zoom has made interviewing


across the globe extremely easy. The recruiters can connect with them anytime, anywhere.


, cellular devices can help professionals not only learn but


apply for their dream jobs.


technology-based society has made everything available online which doesn_t leave them idle. They have the leverage to browse and keep themselves aware of the employment chances that pass by.


, they constantly search for the right target in order to obtain it.

For example

, LinkedIn – the professional networking app has now more than 750+ million users (310 million active users every day) around the world and approximately 74% of them are outside America.


job portal helps talented professionals find the right work opportunity and provides them with short courses which they can pursue. Innumerable recruiters rely on


employment platform to hire



Bearing that in mind,


phenomenon is proven to be beneficial for public resource utilization.


of spending lump sum money to generate employment positions, the government can provide the non-working class with these mobile cells, which leads to financial savings and provides them with the right tool to excel in their career. The nation_s central power can invest in the detrimental and resource-lacking situations faced by the country


as the environmental degradation (Deforestation, animal extinction, water – shortage,etc.) poverty or other problems which require immediate attention.

In conclusion, the higher authorities should offer


cell phones with active internet connections as it can significantly lower the unemployment rate and save monetary funds which can be invested in more crucial situations and can act



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