Some people believe charity organization should only offer help to people of their own countries. Others claim that these organizations should give aid to people in great need wherever they live. Discuss both opinions and tell which side do you agree?

It is often argued that people acquire talents by birth in sports and music not by learning the skills to become successful. While many people support


, I believe, to become a famous sportsperson or an artist, it needs strong determination and practice and any children with these qualities can excel in these fields.

To begin

with, to be a talented musician or an athlete requires years of hard work, training and willpower, as well as, ability to accept failures and to bounce back. Children in schools, where proper training for various sports and arts are given


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if receive good training could achieve success in their life.

For example

, the famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar came to limelight by his record batting performance in his school, where, his teacher identified his strengths and trained him.


, in an interview with a daily he had said that neither he had anybody in his family who had ever touched a cricket bat or had seen a cricket match.


, I believe, it is not the genes but the teaching which make one person known in their field.

There are others who feel these talents are acquired by birth. Many famous musicians_ children become well-known musicians_ or a sportsperson_s siblings too have the same qualities.

For instance

, the famous actor Amitabh Bachchan_s son is


a great actor.


, I think, these children don_t get these skills through their DNA but by their hard-works and the support of their parents or even nepotism. Perhaps their parents are the one who teaches them and transfers these skills.


, if sprinter Usain Bolt_s son without practice is asked to run, he may be even behind an average school runner.

To conclude, I believe it is the proper teaching at an early age and learning by the enthusiastic children and their many days of practice which create a skilful sportsman or an artist, not by the transfer of genes in the families.

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