Some people believe that building cities vertically, with tall towers, is better than building cities horizontally. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion

I believe that there is a group of people who would prefer the upward development of the city. In my viewpoint, I agree with


statement and


essay shall discuss both sides of the argument.

On the one hand, the upward extension of a town can help the developers use less precious land, while it


can protect the natural environment. I believe that planners have no reason to destroy wildlife habitats that help preserve the ecosystems and their natural resources.


can provide enough space for where public parks could be constructed and used. Which can help meet people_s demand for fresh air and outdoor physical activity.

For instance

, in my country of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City_s council members have developed Thủ Thiêm with has many tall buildings and public parks that ensure a clean and clear environment for all living things.

On the other hand

, the outward enlargement of downtowns can create a city sprawl, which may even cause more concern.


as, transportation has become more and more challenging and congested. During peak times there are now more vehicles on the roads, which causes traffic jams and pollution.




result in hazardous air quality, which advises the citizens that they should not even go out.

All in all, the planners must consider these two key factors, preservation of the ecosystem and traffic jams to avoid an outward spread. Developers should balance these benefits among their stakeholders in society before making any city increase decisions.

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