Some people believe that children under age 10 should be given their own interest subject, While others believe that should be given regular subjects. Discuss both of these views and Give your own opinion

People have different views on the early education of children. Some assert that students should be allowed to choose a subject of their interest, while others argue that studying regular subjects will benefit them more. In


essay, I will examine both perspectives and state my opinion.


, kids under the age of ten are in the primary stage of their cognitive, verbal and intellectual development.


, teaching all the conventional classes would enhance their overall skill set and personality.

For instance

, students being taught subjects


as mathematics, science, art and history allows them to improve both their analytical and creative intelligence while giving them room to be curious.


, students at that level of maturity might not be sure about the career they want to pursue and choosing a subject of interest might significantly narrow down their options.

On the other hand

, encouraging these young minds to make choices from an early age will make them independent and build their decision-making skills.


, choosing a subject of interest will help them realize their passion sooner in life.

For example

, children who wish to pursue a career in art or sports can utilize


time to channelise their energy and focus on bettering themselves in a particular area and achieving their goals.

In conclusion, while it is important to allow children to make choices for themselves, I strongly opine that at a tender age they should be given the opportunity to explore all subjects taught during a formal education so that they can make well-informed decisions in their future.

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