Some people believe that family is more important than friends what do you think ?

Family plays a significant role in every individual_s life. Without ,family one cannot build confidence and can_t get the blessings of loved ones. It is argued that there are many people who think that family is more prominent than friends. I strongly opine that there are many situations in which only family can help us.

To initiate with,


Change the article

The article a may be incorrect. Consider changing it to agree with the beginning sound of the following word individual.

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individual who lives with parents is considered the happiest individual in the world. A guy with family can go much longer than a human who lives alone.

In addition



, the family helps us in many sections of life whether it is related to money, career etc.

For instance

, it is seen that a person who is living with his family is free from outside tensions like office work. When he comes back home and see the faces of his wife and children his all stress will automatically devastate.



, we are human beings and we want an individual


Change the pronoun

It appears that the pronoun who may be used incorrectly. Consider changing it.

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Add the preposition

The phrase following the intransitive verb listens seems to be missing a preposition. Consider adding one.

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, we can able to share the feelings of ours. So, the family comes in front. In every ,


Add an article
the situation
a situation

The noun phrase situation seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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we can talk to our parents

Add the comma(s)
, as a result,

It appears that you are missing a comma or two with the interrupter as a result. Consider adding the comma(s).

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as a result


Change the verb form

The plural verb share does not appear to agree with the singular subject situation. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

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our sadness and happiness.


, we are confident that there is someone who stands for us and fights for us since parents are the ones who cannot deceive their child.

In conclusion,


the family is important they should take care of their child and listen to them so that they should not feel alone and helpless. When they will become confident there will be no need for friends.

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