Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world. Others believe that some information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.



contemporary epoch, whilst proponents believe that exchanging ideas and knowledge is pivotal to the world economy and knowledge, proponents have a diverse view. Personally, I believe that the current educational and economical would malfunction without a well-established connection.




essay will be demonstrating the underlying factors of


contention as well as my intuition.

On the one hand, due to the information revolution that has occurred in the past couple of years, sending and receiving


has become indispensable.

In other words

, if companies and banks around the globe could not exchange financial information, the modern economy would collapse.


can be exemplified by the international banking coding system of SWIFT which enables banks to swiftly exchange monetized transactions


as sending and receiving money among them.


, it can be said that the internet and communication infrastructures are not only pivotal to the scientific establishment but


to the world_s finance.

On the other hand



security has become an increasingly debatable and controversial issue when it comes to communicating. To illustrate, if users want to take advantage of the different World Wide Web services


as Facebook, Google and Twitter, they have to expect that these platforms will actually collect their personal


, and they will eventually use it in order to create customized advertisements based on their preferences. As a matter of fact, according to an article that has been published recently by The Times magazine, social network companies create highly sophisticated artificial


Replace the word

The word intelligent doesn_t seem to fit this context. Consider replacing it with a different one.

show examples

programs that track all of their users_ activities on the web.

As a result

, it can be observed that


actions by these gigantic technological companies can impose a paramount threat to our



In conclusion, after


essay has manifested the abovementioned points, it can be reiterated that despite the urging need for fast and reliable techniques for messaging, it is quintessential


to address all of the reasonable concerns about individuals_ information privacy, and I am a staunch believer of that.

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