Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Our contemporary society presents us with a lot of options in terms of living. We have been living with electronic devices with Internet connection for some decade, and we can choose our friends, food and


experiences with just a click.


, these choices bring us the necessity of planning.

Indeed, the actual days connect people with different cuisines, the possibility of new relationships or even scheduling awesome travels using cell phones_ Apps. We must have our main goals planned in order to pay for everything without being harmed.

For instance

, we can easily open the



App and buy a meal quickly.


, the probability of acquiring junkie food is high. Why not save


money? We could cook at home and use


cash to buy a completely new experience at Airbnb.


App offers to their customers some chances to do activities which they have never done before. It can be a delightful idea if you are decided and have conditions to organize your time, money and priorities.

Modern Applications like Airbnb sell not only possible

experiences but

Accept comma addition
experiences, but


travellings. Again, it is essential to be objective and plan what will be available when you buy a promotional package.

On top of that, all the drawbacks related to these huge amounts of choices that people received nowadays can be avoided with planning. We can stay away from unhealthy food options, superficial relationships and valuable travelling experiences.

To sum up, when we have a lot of choices, it is better to make a list of what is more important and can be useful for us.


, we will organize our calendar, so all the activities could be done. Personally, I prefer to face modern life


way. By being utterly organized, makes me less anxious and more efficient.

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