Some people believe that parents should limit their children hours of watching tv and playing computer games, but encourage to read books. Do you agree or disagree.

It is often argued by some people that parents should discourage their


from playing computer games and watching tv.


, they should be encouraged to read books. I am a strong advocate of


standpoint and shed some light on



To begin

with, we have to understand that digital entertainments bring little or no value to education. The addictive nature of these amusements does not inculcate any cognitive skills. Actually, it devastates these competencies. Oftentimes,


habit clouds their judgment and makes their rational thinking unstable.


, the result would be a fictional personality.

For instance

, some research reveals that


, who spend many hours in front of a computer screen, perform poorly at school.

On the other hand

, reading more and more books is much beneficial to the young.


habit is known to be advantageous for education, as it develops creativity in the youth. It


enhances appreciation which is a highly acceptable personal quality. Some people believe that those who read a lot are well recognized by society. Studies


show that


who used to be good readers during their childhood inherit a peaceful mind and later become nature lovers.

For instance

, the founder of the Indian non-violence movement, late Gandhi was a well-known reader.

In conclusion, I completely agree that parents should restrict their


from watching television excessively and playing video games. Minors must be encouraged to read more.

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