Some people believe that preserving the natural environment is crucial, however, most make no effort to do so. Why do you think this is happening? What are some simple actions that could help the environment?

Everybody has responsibility for mother nature, a group of


is concerned preserving the environment is necessary to keep biosphere.


, there is no evidence to show that most societies try to keep the necessity and have done any movement toward it.

In my opinion, several important causes consist of growing industries and poor economy and improper ways of development in some countries are the reasons. It appears to be different solutions for the problem. It seems that the importance of the environment is crystal clear for the majority of


worldwide. Still, unfortunately, they do nothing toward




, maybe they are not informed how they can help in


issue. It appears that in developed countries, consumerism is one of the significant problems. It will lead to more waste objects and more areas needed as landfills.

Zero waste challenge is one of the effective solutions, but it needs training from toddler age. Provided that specialists had warned


from school age how to produce less garbage, more green lands and jungles would have been reminded.

In addition

, another remedy to save nature is recycling, which should start from homes.


process is time-consuming and needs concentration and a sense of responsibility; the answer to


would be teaching students in schools. Another concern in the modern era is air pollution which could be a significant disaster in large cities that causes distress for the elderly, children, and sensitive groups. The problem originates from vehicles, factories, and unhealthy fuel;


, it is logical to suppose these factors stem from bad public transport situation, the expense of green fuels, and lack of education again.

In summary, lack of responsibility, education, and expense of affording live demands are the most critical causes of getting most of the


carefree about mother nature. The powerful remedies could be training youngsters and curtailing pollutants in big cities.

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