Some people believe that spending money on developing technology on space exploration is unjustifiable and there are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

There is a controversial notion heating a debate over the fact that whether the authorities’ money should be splurged on more advantageous tactics


of spending money on advancing top-notch facilities on galaxy exploration since it is unjustified. In my opinion, I contend that the governmentā€™s budget should cash in discovering space while still investing in addressing a viable solution to famine in equal measures.

Apparently, exploring outer space is considered the ultimate key to human existence. Without a shadow of a doubt, the ever-growing irresponsible actions from ordinary citizens cause the relentless degradation of the Earthā€™s quality.


, it is necessary for the Government to make a backup plan to maintain the human raceā€™s long-term by finding a new inhabitable planet in case the Earth is destroyed. The Mass can be cited as a promising example. Due to these redeeming features, it is irrefutable to note down that discovering space plays


a vital role in maintaining the human race.

On the other hand

, while the merits of galaxy exploration are widely acknowledged, there is still a wealth of other urgent issues that need huge authoritiesā€™ fund support, especially famine. Undisputedly, there is a myriad of residents in Africa, who are suffering from an alarming problem that they do not have adequate food to survive.

For instance

, there is a high death toll in South Africa due to starvation.


, it is crucial for the government to splurge money on dealing with famine.

In conclusion, it is reasonable to note that both developing technology on galaxy exploration and tackling urgent issues like starvation act as a precursor for inhabitants.


, the authoritiesā€™ financial support should be invested in these fields in equal measures.

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