Some people believe that studying for a university degree is better for an individual_s career than gaining work experience immediately after high school. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Graduates of high


often face a dilemma of whether to seek a job or to enrol in universities or colleges to pursue higher




essay will analyse both views and will provide an opinion at the end of the essay.

The option to start work right after high


is appealing for several reasons. Many young people want to become independent and prefer their own source of income rather than relying on parents or guardian to meet their living expenses. They believe that learning skills while at work is far better than attending a college.

For instance

, Memon Community in Karachi prefers their children to help them in expanding their family business after


; seeking higher


for them is a waste of money and time. Often youth of middle-class families opt for jobs straight after


to share the burden of family expenses due to ever-growing inflation.

On the other hand

, many teenagers prefer to seek admission in higher academic institutes like engineering, medical and business schools. They believe that


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achelor_s degree or diploma will help


attain a perfect job leading to a promising career. They argue that due to rising competition in the job market, seeking higher


is mandatory. Universities help them in enlightening their vision, expand their domain, polish their skills and prepare them to face

real world

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For instance



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inancial Industry in Pakistan favour commerce graduates over high


graduates because of their knowledge and skills which they acquired by studying at business schools and colleges.


, a degree makes you more competitive and helps you earn at a better rate.

To conclude, the above provides solid evidence on both views.


, in my opinion, every teenager should opt for higher


rather than work after


right away. Skills and knowledge which students acquire at the university are unmatched and unparalleled.

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