Some people believe that their children should do educational activities during their Free time. Others say that in this way children are under pressure. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

How children should spend their spare time, has always been a debatable issue. In the viewpoint, of some people, kids should be involved in educational activities, during the free time, while others believe that


would pressurize them. I will analyse both the perspectives, before deriving a logical conclusion and presenting my view.

On one hand, if young minds pursue knowledgeable hobbies, they are bound to get better grades in schools. To cite an example, doing word puzzles or filling out crosswords, can increase a child_s vocabulary as well as allow him to develop deeper understanding of the language.

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turn, can improve his communication and interpersonal skills, which are both equally important for success in today_s competitive times.


, similar tasks can even assist the students in developing their ability to focus, and express their emotions.

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, reading books in leisure time, requires active brain engagement and shows the kids that writing can be a way to express their imagination.

On the other hand

, physical activities and entertainment are identically prominent, in the overall development of children.

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, playing outdoor games not only, strengthen their muscles, but


, increases their core strength. If the little ones do not engage their body in any outdoor activities, it can have negative impacts on their health, which can make them obese.


, watching tv or playing video games, refreshes their brain, which is necessary for good mental health. To illustrate


, students spend almost two-thirds of their day, learning in schools and are simultaneously under pressure to succeed,


, if proper relaxation is not provided to them, they can experience stress disorders.


, it is essential to strike a balance between education and wellness as well as entertainment exercises.

To conclude, for the all round progress of the child, the parents need to maintain the right balance between studying and relaxation. In my opinion, kids should be motivated to participate in both wellness as well as learning tasks, during the leisure hours.

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