Some people claim that many things that children are taught at school are a waste of time. Other people argue that everything that children study at school is useful sometimes. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Many proponents believe that these days, educational institutes are wasting the precious time of a youngster by teaching unnecessary things, whereas others believe that everything taught by teachers in schools is crucial for the child_s development and will be useful in the future. I believe that every topic is important, and will benefit the children one way or another.

To begin

with, the school curriculum nowadays is overloaded with several different subjects as some of them are just worthless, and a waste of time. They ultimately add an extra burden on the learners to cover all these subjects in a limited time frame, and sometimes a teenager is not interested in that specific subject.

For instance

, arts and crafts is a mandatory subject in secondary education and sometimes it is not suitable for all the children, because some students do not have any interest in learning paintings.


, these subjects are a wastage of resources.


, I believe that education is always worthwhile because there are various lifelong lessons taught by teachers in the schools which are beneficial for a child_s overall development.


, they could be transferred to the workplace, and their everyday life as past knowledge can be applied to a new situation, so all knowledge is vital no matter how significant it might be.

For example

, an article published by the oxford university showed that most of the entrepreneurs invented many products by using the knowledge of their educational background, which they once learned at learning institutes.

In conclusion,


it is a wastage of resources for children if they have no interest in a particular subject, yet I believe that every information

that is

provided by schools is important for the child_s cognitive development.

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