Some people like to try new things, for example, places to visit and types of food. Other people prefer to keep doing things they are familiar with. Discuss both these attitudes and give your opinion.

It is often said that spending their time trying new cases is excellent for humans, especially in today_s technology-focused world, whereas there are numerous peoples who prefer to still reside in their comfort zone.


essay will discuss the debate and give my concluding view.

On the one hand, those who want to try new equipment cite it makes to receive many pieces of knowledge.


ranges from exotic foods to know many languages,


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there are many opportunities to make relationships with different kinds of human beings and discern dissimilar sceneries related with the city they visit.

For example

, in today_s modern world, numerous souls know several pieces of knowledge according to improving on the internet,


, in many cases, they easily communicate with foreigners and know the cultures of their countries and famous foods.


, it seems apparent that if they visit other situations, they realize how the world is beautiful.

For example

, Botanic Garden in Singapore has contrasting varieties of plant species.

By contrast

, opponents of


viewpoint out that not all individuals live in a situation

that is

unbound to try new substances . Examples can be seen in less affluent countries, where the expense of advanced articles may be prohibitive.

In addition

, in the majority of the cases, some persons do not have the desire to move from their comfort zone where they lived all over the period. After ,that they are afraid of being dangerous and do not know how to communicate because of different kinds of languages.


, the most important thing they reject to try new goods was the circumstances of political rules. If they do not know the other countries regulations, they would fund money.

For instance

, In Singapore, there are not allowed to eat on buses or trains.

Overall, it is logical to conclude that there have advantages related to the person_s interests, mind conditions, expense and circumstances of the region where they want to go.


, it would appear that trying new junk are more convenient for the reason that there are many possibilities to test the most preferred foods and know a large number of area.

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