Some people prefer to shop for food in supermarket other people prefer to do their food shopping online. discuss both views and give your opinion.

purchasing food groceries between online stock and supermarket has become highly debatable. As few Individuals like to buy cooking essentials by visiting a local stock, while others prefer online purchase.


essay will discuss why E-shopping plays an important role but why traditional offline shopping is highly preferable.


, most Individuals opt to shop their daily meal essentials through E-Commerce cuisine websites. Especially, they provide various payment options and


customer can compare products via rating.

For example

, an online stock provides a cash delivery option


, they


accept payment made via PayPal.


, many working individuals prefer online shopping compared to visiting the nearby supermarket.

While there are some advantages of


, the biggest drawback of buying food

online is that you are not sure the meal delivered to you is fresh or not.


, on the other ,side people choose to do shopping in traditional may by visiting food stores. Particularly, one can select the product by their hands before putting it into the cart, as


gives personal satisfaction.

For Instance

, when selecting green leafy vegetables It is good to select in-person as it has a positive vibe due to the connection with nature.


If you have personal time, It is highly recommended to shop for meat products In Grocery stone.

In conclusion, would buying consumable product online be better when compared to purchasing in stores ?


essay discussed why online shopping has some efficient payment system but why traditional store gives positive feeling towards shopping. In my opinion, visiting the local marketplace is highly efficient when compared to the online store.

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