Some people regard eating meat as completely wrong. To what extent do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Vegetarians have become popular in the


few years. In fact, some


think that eating


is completely unfavourable for human beings. I agree with


statement to a certain degree.



have several reasons to avoid


in their diet. Some of them are health problems, animal welfare concerns and the environmental issue associated with animal production.

For example

, cysticercosis is a serious neurological disease that has a very strong relationship with undercooked pork consumption. Even the abuse of red


has been considered one of the major risk factors for Gastric cancer. While some


avoid just the flesh in their meals others, called vegans, refuse to eat any product derived from them like eggs, milk or honey.


, these


think animals deserve the same opportunities that human beings and performed campaigns around the world to fight for their rights.

On another hand,


has a great nutritional role daily.

For instance

, micronutrients like zinc, magnesium and Ferrous are very common in lambs and beef and may lead to an increase in the blood quality and boost the immunological system.


, chicken breast


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has been used by athletes as a requirement in their special training. Food like sushi has become popular among celebrities and the tendency of a partial vegetarian diet has been recognized as a key to balanced nutrition.

In conclusion, vegetarianism is considered nowadays a healthy lifestyle.




consumption is important for human development. I think both tendencies will be able to achieve good living standards and excellent nutritional outcomes in our modern society.

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