Some people say that a person_s success is as a result of the way he has been brought up by his parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Family environment and upbringing has huge impact on the psychology of a child. There are several people who opine that the value system with which the parents raise their children, is the prime reason for the success of their children. The essay will discuss reasons why I completely agree to it.

To begin

with, it is widely known fact that parents are our


teachers. It is justifiable evident that children during their early years try to emulate their parents in every possible way.

For instance

, a pilot study done in France indicates children learn around 90% of the things from their parents. They try to imitate them in every possible way.


, it is very much necessary for parents to teach good moral values like punctuality, humanity, sharing and other values



their child.

In addition

, children must


be made self-reliant and

independent so

Accept comma addition
independent, so

that they get the necessary lessons required once they explore the real world.


, children raised by parents who lack the necessary moral values tend to engage in antisocial activities.



explains why children_s coming from criminal backgrounds have a rough past.

For example

, studies have proved that bad parenting or unhealthy relationship between parents and children is one of the prime reasons for

juvenile crime rate

the juvenile crime rate

being on the rise. Several studies point out that unhappy childhood is the cause of juvenile committing crimes.
To conclude, I firmly believe good parenting skills are the foundation stones which results in


the child_s
a child_s



. Parents need to form a bond with their children, whereas children who are abused and have a bad relationship are more like to get involved in unethical or criminal activities.

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