Some people say that history can teach us many important values and lessons, but others think it is unnecessary to learn from the past. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Controversy has been engendered over the role of


in our daily life. While some people insist that there would be nothing to gain from doing research on what happened in the past, I reflect on the opposite view that


plays a crucial part in our lives.

People who claim that


is of little or no importance in today_s society have their own arguments.


of all, most people memorize dates, names and facts while they study historical developments.


knowledge can hardly be applied in real-life situations, especially given the fast pace of change,


lessons could no longer bring relevant values to the present or future.


, each historical event has different perspectives and could be interpreted in a number of different ways.


, the information in the textbooks tends to be distorted or full of latent mistakes, giving learners a biased or even misled conceptions.


, I am of the notion that


has its own role as a warehouse of information about how people and society functions. Through studying historical periods, individuals and organizations can be given insights into various aspects of life,


as the influence of technological innovations, the role that religion plays in society_s operation, or the development of different civilizations.





injects a sense of awareness and patriotism among the residents of a country.

For example

, through books and pictures taken during the Vietnam War, the youths are made conscious of the hardship that forefathers experienced and suffered in their struggle to give citizens the freedom they are enjoying today.

In conclusion, while acquiring knowledge about historical events seems to be redundant to some people, I strongly believe that there are more benefits of studying


as a huge reservoir of knowledge.

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