Some people say that modern innovations bring a lot more problems than benefits? Do you agree?

There is a view that the drawbacks of modern innovations are higher than the benefits. In my opinion, every

innovator always

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innovator, always

tries to invent new products or services to make people_s life easier. In


essay, I will highlight the fundamental reason why I totally disagree with



To begin

with the


reason, nowadays, most of common barriers in our activity have disappeared because of the new invention.

For example

, a video call feature in our gadget can help people doing virtual meetings without being in the same place.


, some business books have shown related research about the urgency of doing




is because proposing new value to customers continually will affect positively to business sustainability. To illustrate, if modern changes like Airbnb and Uber do not contribute to the benefits, the hotel and transportation industry will not get decreasing income.


, few modern technologies have been harnessed in a wrong way, so it brought crucial damage.

For instance

, the United States used Albert Einstein_s invention, which was nuclear, to destroy some cities in other countries. Even though every


might have side effects, but it can be minimized by some strategies.

For instance

, the organization which produces the new product must occupy their


with obvious instruction to mitigate the cost of the ignorance.

In addition

, the regulator can start making a good campaign to increase people_s awareness of using the product wisely.

To sum up, the purpose of producing modern


is for a better life, and the utilization for a negative purpose can be tackled by some mitigation processes.


, the advantage of every


is much higher than the disadvantage.

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