Some people say that supermarkets and manufactures have a responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging on the products they sell. Others say that it is the responsibility of consumers to avoid buying products which have a lot of packaging. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The controversial topic concerning complex product packaging never fails to attract public attention. There have been multiple debates on whether it is the manufacturer_s responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging used, or the consumers are the ones accountable for avoiding excessively packed products. I am an advocate for manufacturers to limit the amount of packaging used on their merchants.

It is reasonable for people to believe that how much packaging material to be used remains a critical decision by product makers since if no businesses are supplying products with excessive packaging to the market, customers would not have to avoid extravagantly packaged goods.

For example

, take Apple as an example, all Apple products_ packaging adheres to a simple principle, boxes and their internal liners are all made from recyclable paper


of plastic wraps and containers for each device and accessories.

As a result

, Apple is leading the industrial design for product packaging as well as influencing multiple industries for reducing packaging material.


, consumers who make



decisions are the ones that should be educated to be pro-actively choosing the products with minimal packaging.


, it should be mentioned that if marketplaces are supplied with products which are overly packaged, and customers are avoiding these products in supermarkets,


will lead to the manufacturers choose to avoid redundant packaging.

That is

to say, to reduce the level of packaging material,


Accept comma addition
consumers, although


not as significant as supermarkets and manufacturers, would





to the issue.

To summarise, a conclusion can be reached that supermarkets and manufacturers have a primary responsibility to lessen the amount of packaging used on the products they sell.

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